Philippa Carey

Victorian and Contemporary Books

Grandmother's Ghost

A romantic story of family values and how home is where your heart lies, not wherever you happen to be living, set in 1868/69.

Lucy's wealthy grandmother has passed away and left all her money to Lucy instead of her son Ralph. Ralph is heavily in debt and desperate. He tries to arrange fatal ‘accidents' for Lucy so he will inherit instead. However, Lucy is saved each time by a combination of her grandmother's ghost, her grandmother's collie dog and Lucy's second cousin Edward, who has just returned from India.

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Secrets in New York

Vincent is not who he pretends to be.
Carmen will lose her job if her latest mistake is revealed.
They both know each other's secret.
If they are to keep their secrets, and their careers, they have to be a team.

This novella contains risqué elements and a recipe for Costa Rican Sancocho.

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