Philippa Carey

Books set in the Regency era

Kitty And The Viscount

Katherine's father has been tricked by a fraudulent shipping broker and believes he is destitute. The crook says he will wipe out the debt if Katherine will marry him, but he is horrible, vile and she detests him. Rather than be forced into marriage, she runs away, changes her name to Kitty and finds work as a housemaid for the Dowager Countess Foxton.

The Countess's grandson Viscount Sharnbrook visits and meets Kitty. They are drawn to each other but think they have no future together as he is the heir to an earl and she is now a housemaid.

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Kitty and the Viscount in Cherry Hinton

The Best Gift for Christmas

It is almost Christmas 1813.
Two small girls are lonely, bored, grumpy, and travelling to their grandmother's house for Christmas.
Their father is a widower, barely able to walk after fighting Napoleon.
Their nursemaid is not very bright.
Their governess has no enthusiasm or imagination.

What they really want for Christmas is ...

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Two small girls hand in hand

The Wrong Miss Thompson

Claire Thompson is on her way to her first employment as a companion to an old lady. She is travelling by stagecoach to the busy coaching town of Stony Stratford where her new employer will have her collected.

Unknown to her, another, older, Miss Thompson is also on her way by stagecoach to Stony Stratford to become the new governess to five year old Lady Mary Barton. The widowed Earl Barton is sending his coach to the town to collect her.

Unfortunately the Earl's coachman collects the wrong Miss Thompson.

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Miss Thompson beside a carriage

His Last Chance

Lord Peter has been given an ultimatum by his father. Go to the estate in Devon. Find out what is wrong, fix it and the estate is his. Fail and he will be cast off with nothing.

In Devon he finds a neglected estate, a vicious band of smugglers, a thieving steward and a neglected blind girl.

Does he rescue the girl or does she rescue him?

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Lord Peter and the blind girl

The Girl from Calcutta

Amanda is then deceived by a fortune hunter, who abandons her at a country inn. She writes to her uncle for help, but instead, he seizes his chance to disown her.

The innkeeper doesn’t know what to do with his crying and distressed foreign lady customer and when his landlord, the Earl of Twyford, appears, he asks him for help.

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Girloutside a country inn